Mobile Tape
Adhesive material for mobile devices with excellent cohesive and adhesive strengths

Mobile tape is a highly functional material used to fix various parts in a mobile device. It has excellent adhesive and compressive forces, as well as great waterproofing and shock-absorbing abilities.

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Tablet PC Tablet PC
Smartphone Smartphone
Foldable OLED Foldable OLED
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Product Functions
Product structure
Window/back-cover fixing tape  Excellent water proofing/vibration-proofing(IP78) and impact resistance
Foam tape for force touch   Excellent compression/recovery
Product Classification
Product Classification :Category ,Grade ,Features ,Applications ,Download
Grade Features Applications Download
AX8 Series
Impact-resistant, water/vibration-proof, has thickness of 0.2~0.35T
For fixing window/back-cover
PM Series
Low-density thin-layer foam tape, has thickness of 0.17T
For force touch
FF8 Series
Impact-resistant, light-shielding, has thickness of 0.2~0.55T
For light-shielding for window
FD8 Series
For fixing small parts, highly reliable for adhesion, has thickness of 0.05~0.15T
For fixing small parts